Why guest post for us?

Art of PC is a well-established site in the PC hardware, software, and cryptocurrency niches, among others. If we publish your guest post we’ll provide a do-follow backlink to your website’s home page or a page of your choosing, with your preferred anchor text (so long as it’s related in some way to the overall post content).

We currently have a DA (Domain Authority) of 29, and this number is constantly increasing. We’re proud to have the lowest possible spam score of 1% and an Alexa rank within the top million. Writing for us can help to grow your website by boosting its backlink profile, as well as providing additional traffic through link clicks.

Guest posting topics

Art of PC accepts guest posts on a relatively wide variety of topics. If you would like to write for us, try to keep your post’s subject matter on one of the following topics (examples of ideal content are provided).

  • PC hardware/peripherals news (example)
  • PC hardware/peripherals reviews (example)
  • PC hardware comparisons (example)
  • PC build guides/build lists (example)
  • Informational guides related to PC hardware or software (example)
  • Cryptocurrency news (example)
  • Cryptocurrency/token how-to guides (example)
  • Cryptocurrency/token project deep dives (example)
  • App or software reviews (example)
  • PC software how-to guides (example)

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. If you have an idea for a post that isn’t explicitly mentioned in this list, feel free to reach out anyway if you feel it’s relevant to ArtofPC’s overarching theme.

Content guidelines

To maximize the chances of your post being published on the first go-round, run content ideas by us before writing an article. This is by no means required, but it’s beneficial to both involved parties. Additionally, try to follow these guidelines to help keep the editorial process to a minimum and get your post up and ranking as quickly as possible:

  • Use proper grammar and keep spelling errors to a minimum. We understand that occasional mistakes are inevitable, but do your best to keep them to a minimum. Articles that are rife with grammatical errors run a much higher risk of being rejected.
  • Back up your claims with facts and statistics when relevant. In different instances this may include hardware benchmarks, product information, or links to a project’s website or documentation.
  • Include images. Avoid having your article turn into a wall of text; insert a relevant image at reasonable intervals. If you’re unsure what qualifies as such, feel free to view any of our published articles.
  • Write on a topic that is likely to rank. Conduct some keyword research beforehand (if relevant) and find a keyword that you feel you can rank for. If you’re writing an 1000-word piece on the best graphics cards of 2022, for instance, your article probably won’t rank on the front page since the top-ranking pages have incredible backlink profiles and longer-form content. If you’re unsure what to write on, contact us and we’ll get you started with some ideas.

How to contact us about guest posting

If you’d like to write for us, email:


You can submit a draft or propose a post idea. We look forward to hearing from you!