How to Earn a Free $1.35 a Day with Hi Dollar Cryptocurrency ($HI)

  • Post last modified:December 13, 2021

A new financial service crypto platform that’s still in beta is gaining an impressive amount of traction. Launched in August, has already amassed an impressive 2,288,521 members, over a million of which joined within the first 100 days. But what is Hi, and how can you earn free cryptocurrency by using it?

Hi is an app that seeks to fill the role of “not-for-profit” bank; the motto plastered on the “services” page of their website is Bill Gates’ “Banking is necessary, banks are not.” Like many other crypto platforms they offer far higher APRs than traditional banks–at the moment users can earn up to 40% APY by staking Hi Dollars (Ticker: $HI). Staked HI must be locked for a full year to receive this maximum APY; shorter-term stakes earn smaller rewards so a 90-day stake earns 25% APY and an 180-day stake earns 30%.

Hi also has features similar to Venmo or PayPal, where users can easily send and receive both fiat and crypto via their Hi accounts. Our favorite feature by far, however, is their rewards. Like many other cryptocurrencies Hi is rewarding early adopters handsomely. And while 2 million-odd users may not seem like it falls into the “early adoption” phase, Hi’s ambitious goal of over a billion users means they still treat it as such.

How to earn Hi Dollars ($HI) Daily

HI can be earned by answering a simple question every day in the app. A new question is available every 24 hours and the reward for answering this question is one Hi Dollar, currently valued at around $1.35. The one caveat is that you can’t withdraw your HI for 365 days, so if you’re diligent you will have amassed at least 365 HI upon withdrawal–a present-day value of nearly $500.

As with any asset, there’s a chance HI depreciates over the next year. On the other hand it could appreciate, making answering these questions even more profitable. Either way there’s no risk since you aren’t investing any money, only a few seconds a day. Here’s how to set up an account and claim these daily rewards:

Download the Hi App

First, download Hi’s app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installation is complete run the app.

hi dollar app

Sign Up for Hi

You’ll be prompted to link your phone number and email address and complete KYC verification, which consists of submitting a selfie and front and back photos of your driver’s license. Since is still in beta you have to be referred by someone–feel free to use our referral code, artofpc.

The Hi app’s homescreen

Earn Rewards

Finally, you’re in and can earn rewards. To do so click on the gift icon in the top right corner. It will ask you a question; our first one was “how did you hear about us?” Select an answer and submit and you’ll be rewarded with one HI.

A new question is available every day, so check back frequently to maximize your rewards. You can also earn more by inviting friends–for every 1 HI they earn you’ll be rewarded .5, so every time they answer a question you’ll get another 65 cents (based on present value). This is a great all-around scenario because it’s risk-free with decent upside. The value of the Hi Dollar will likely mirror’s adoption, so if the platform becomes extremely popular returns could be pretty substantial.

Any rewards you gain will be locked for 365 days, after which you can sell or stake for high-APR rewards. In the meantime you can monitor your HI balance in the app. It will be stored under “Rewards Account” until the year is up.

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