If you’re looking to build a new gaming PC, we’ll be glad to provide you with a parts list tailor-made for your specific needs. We guarantee component compatibility across the board, and we strive to find the best price-to-performance ratio within your specified parameters (for instance, if you want an RGB-heavy build, we’ll find the most cost-efficient CPU cooler with RGB lighting).

Why would you spend time making free PC parts lists?

If you’re curious as to why we would take the time to custom-craft PC parts lists for anyone and everyone, we understand. It may seem a little bit too good to be true. Rest assured; this isn’t a scam. We publish all of our compiled computer component lists in our Parts Lists section of our website, and hope to increase Art of PC’s overall traffic and revenue via these.

Secondly, we use affiliate links in most of our parts lists. By doing this, we’re able to monetize them and create a mutually beneficial situation in which we’re able to turn a profit, while users get a free high-quality PC parts list. What’s more, you have no obligation to make any purchases through these affiliate links, or even click on them.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to fill out the form below. We typically have parts lists assembled and sent out within 24 hours. Thanks!

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