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Ethereum Mining Batch (.bat) File Generator

Our .bat file generator allows you to automatically generate syntactically correct batch files for some of the most popular Ethereum miners. We currently support the following miners:

How to Use Our Batch File Generator

Using the batch file generator is simple. Fill out the parameters according to your specific miner, pool, address, worker name, etc. and click Generate Ethereum Batch File. Copy the automatically-generated .bat file and paste it into a file in the same folder as your miner's .exe file. Be sure to save this file with a .bat file extension: ethMiner.bat, for example.

Alternatively, you can replace the miner's pre-configured Ethash file with the generated script. Note that lolMiner's .bat syntax differs dramatically from most miners. As such, you'll have to edit the pre-configured mine_eth.bat and only replace the portion in between the commented-out Begin of user-editable part and End of user-editable part.

For more information, see our guide to mining Ethereum.